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Miracle - presentation

The Miracle Shop sells the gugusophone for now, because this tool has a meaning: it is the physical expression of the concept of Significatogenesis.

Miracle is an international artist research group established in 2006. Among the different types of works the collective has accumulated, the constant forms used feature animation cinema, music and sound practices, self-publishing, performance art and video.

We like to say we are not serious and that art is a joke, because the coercive frameworks creation is locked in kinda suck. But we are most dedicated to our beloved projects, and hope you will be sensitive to the freedom at work in those nearly-failed spontaneous sort-of-un-hierarchic attempts to realize our intimate desires.

The assumption that desire is a neutral force, that an idea can mutate into a perceptible thing, is at the core of all this mambo-jumbo. We negate the omnipotence of psychoanalysis and give you, in exchange, significatogenesis, which is a theory of how things manage making sense although it's quite obvious nothing ever does.

Learn more about Miracle by watching some videos if you're new to us, or you may want to hear what we sound like. Eitherway welcome on board.